ICICI AMC Valuation Index of Equity & Debt - November End

ICICI AMC Valuation Index of Equity & Debt - November End

ICICI Pru Mutual Fund comes out with valuation index every month end over two main asset classes Equity and Debt . Lets Have Closer look at them.

The Equity Vakuation Index is 109 in neutral zone wherein Equity investing should be looked at longer time horizon. Similarly, Debt Valutaion Index is at Modified Duration of 3.24 and prompts at adding some duration to the portfolio.

Equity Valuation Index is calculated by the fund house by assigning equal weights to Price to Earning ratio, Price to Book Value, Market cap to GDP or PE to Gsec Yield.



Debt Valuation Index considers WPI, CPI, Sensex returns,Gold returns, Real Estate returns over Gsec yield and host of othe rmacro factors like current accoutn balance, fiscal balance, credit growth, crude oil movement.

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