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Mutual Funds

Simply 3 has" unique and propretory approach . Our filteration process is based on holding discussion with client on their needs, risk and volatility tolerance level, return expectations, past experience and knowledge aroundn investing, acceptability to drawdowns.


Disclaimer - Mutual Fund Invetsments are subject to Market Risks. Please read scheme related documents.

“Approach Based” Categorization of Mutual Funds Products
  • Conservative Mutual Funds

  • Balanced / Hybrid Mutual Funds.

  • Aggressive Mutual Funds


1 Category Time Horizon Return Expectations Risk Tolerance Level/Standard Deviation Drawdown Possible
2 Conservative < 2 Years 6% - 9% p.a. <= 8% 8%
3 Balanced 2 years- 5 Years 10%-15% p.a. <= 15% 12%-15%
4 Aggressive 5 Years + 15%-35% p.a. >15% 15% - 50%
“Objective Based” Mutual Funds Selection
  • Wealth Creation Funds

  • Income Generation Funds

  • Wealth Preservation Funds

  1. Wealth Creation Funds

These are basically equity oriented funds which offer investors opportunity to make their wealth grow at more than 15% p.a. rate of retun. They are accompanied by
high degree of volatility are suitable for investors with time horizion of more than 5 Years .

  1. Income Generation Funds

These are basically Asset Allocation Based Mutual Funds which offer investors
opportunity to make their corpus grow at a reasonable rate of return of
10%-12%p.a. These funds are accompanied with reasonable degree of volatility in
their value and returns and are suitable for investors with time horizon of more than 2 Years to 5 Years.

An Investor after having its funds time to grow over a period of 4 to 5 years may
start with a systematic withdrawal plan in his chosen fund. These withdrawals can
be set on Monthly- Quarterly time frame depending on his requirement. An investor
may thus use his wealth corpus to generate periodic cash flows.

  1. Wealth Preservation Funds

These are funds which are high on debt component and offers investors
opportunity to make preserve their wealth by offering returns in range of 6%-9%.
These funds usually come in asset allocation models wherein the equity
component does not exceed 30% under any circumstances.

“Solution Based” Mutual Funds Selection

  1. Retirement Solution.
  2. Children Benefit Solution.
  3. Tax Saving Solutions
  1. Retirement Solutions Mutual Funds

Wish to plan your for your retirement. Retirement Based Mutual Funds offer the best in class savings
and investment solutions. These funds are essentially come with two sub choices- one high on
Debt Component and another one high on Equity component.

  1. Children Benefit Solutions

The power of Equity and Debt works for securing the future of your Children . Equity component
compounds your wealth over a lnog period of time and Debt provides much needed stability and
security to ensure the value of the corpus does not fluctuate more and yet keeps on growing
steadily in even most turbulent years of equity markets.

  1. Tax Saving Solutions

Do not look any further, if you wish to save in Taxes and want to offer yourself the opportunity
to generate sizeable returns. These are equity based funds which come with the lock in period of 3 years.

Best Performing Mutual Funds
( Basis each Selection Criteria)

“Solution Based” Mutual Funds Selection

  1. Thematic Funds SIP Investing
  2. Asset Allocation Funds SIP Investing
  3. Small Caps Funds SIP Investing
  4. International Funds SIP Investing
  5. Smart SIP Investing
  6. Power of 3 SIP Investing

SIP Based Investing - SIP or Systematic Inevstment Plan is the new trend on investing.
Every Individual is benefiting from this Strategy of investing.
at Simply 3 Capital offers SIP Based inevsting on different Strategies/ Funds

Power of 3 - Combination of three high growth segments to invest in . Indian Financial Services , US Based Technology Sector and hidden small cap companies.

Smart SIP - Client choses to save the money regulalry by setting up a SIP in a Debt Fund. At times of Market correction he choses to enter the Markets and invets when NAV is down. This strategy aims to Buy during the months when Market is falling. This strategy is more suitable for investors who want to be obervant of the prices at which they are investing.

Asset Allocation Funds SIP- Asset Allocation is the Holy Grail in Investing. Through this strategy investor choses to invest in Asset Allocation Based Funds so that he can have smooth investing experience. He may Chose to invest in Dynamic Asset Allocation Funds or Aggressive Hybrid Funds after undertanding the Risk- Return Matrix.

Thematic Funds SIP- Markets are sufficiently evolved in India to offer different themes in India. Click here to have a closer look at these funds.

International Funds SIP- You may chose to invets in Countries like United States, China, Taiwan, Brazil, Europe throuhg mutual Funds. These funds help invetsors diversify , yet one has to undertand the nnuances of currency risk before taking a plunge. Have a look at international funds and their perfomance.

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