Happy Minds

Happy Minds

Positioned as ‘Born Digital. Born Agile’, Happiest Minds Technologies focus on delivering a seamless digital experience to customers. Its offerings include, among others, digital business, product engineering, infrastructure management and security services

Happiest mind has Mr. Ashok Soota as his Executive Chairman.
He is widely recognized as one of the pioneering leaders of the Indian IT industry.

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Company has the capabilities to provide end-to-end solution in the digital space. It has developed a customer-centric focus that aims to fulfil their immediate business requirements and to provide them strategically viable, futuristic and transformative digital solutions. The company helps its customers in finding new ways to interact with their users and clients enabling them to become more engaging, responsive and efficient. It also offers solutions across the spectrum of various digital technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Software-Defined Networking/Network Function Virtualization (SDN/NFV), Big Data and advanced analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), cloud, Business Process Management (BPM) and security.

The stock saw the high of 1581 in July 2021 and has been in correction mode ever since. With almost 3 years years of consolidation behind it . Its current Market Cap to sales is 8.51 and the average has been 12.40 in the past. The current market price of the stock is 908.40 as per last exchange traded data.

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