Institutional Interest and Buying

Institutional Interest and Buying

Eris Lifesciences and Piramal Enterprises shares bought by institutional investor.

Eris Lifesciences shares bought by HDFC Mutual Funds Buys @ 697
Business Area of Eris Lifesciences:
Eris Lifesciences is an Indian pharmaceutical company specializing in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of pharmaceutical products. They focus on chronic and acute therapeutic areas such as cardiovascular, diabetes, gastroenterology, gynecology, orthopedics, and neurology. The company offers a range of branded and generic medications, with a strong presence in the Indian market and growing international exports.


Piramal Enterprises shares bought by Bandhan MF, Baroda Pioneer MF,Tata MF, Societe Generale BOFA Securities Europe, Citi Group Global markets mauritius, MOrgan Stanley Asia PTE SGP, Plutus Wealth management @ 941.15 
Business Area of Piramal Enterprises:
Piramal Enterprises is a diversified Indian conglomerate operating in pharmaceuticals, financial services, healthcare insights, real estate, and glass packaging. The company is engaged in drug discovery, manufacturing, and marketing in the pharmaceutical sector. They provide financial solutions, including lending and asset management, in the financial services sector. Their healthcare insights and analytics business offers data-driven insights to improve healthcare outcomes. Piramal Enterprises is involved in real estate development and also operates a glass packaging business. 

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