S3 Insight: GNA Axles- Promoters increasing stake steadily

S3 Insight: GNA Axles- Promoters increasing stake steadily

GNA Axles is Punjab based manufacturers of rear axle shafts, other shafts and spindles used in on-highway and off-highway vehicular segments in India. The company is mainly engaged in manufactures and sells auto components for the four-wheeler industry.

Last Traded Price (LTP) : 754.20

In August 2022 it was HDFC mutual funds who increased their existing holding by nearly 30% in the company. The price was approx 566 then Noteworthy to see is the fact ever since that date promoters have been steadily and surely buying in small quantities from the market and accumulating the stock of GNA Axles.

The current holding of the promoters is 68.09%, Mutual FUnds own 11.85% and FIIs own 2.17% in the company.

HDFC Small cap holds more than 9% in the company and among other institutional players- IDFC emerging business fund and Tata Mutli cap fund holds approx 1.25% each. 

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